The dilemma of the holiday interior purchases continues to play on my mind. I really love beach themed schemes with the white and blue and sand colours. Shells and candles, light wood and all those other holiday home classics. The trouble is you can’t recreate this with a couple of bits brought back from your travels and anyway, good design is contextual so the seaside look in its purist form probably wouldn’t work in the Yorkshire countryside.

Perhaps what I really love is the association with being on holiday but on top of that I love the serene feel, the lightness- the response I have to it which is to relax and feel closer to nature and its rhythms. Now there is something that would work in the Yorkshire countryside. I’d like to create interiors here that mimic that response.

This summer we are focussed on some of the key design elements that go into the beach look but with a twist. Blues in deep velvet and floral patterns, muted colours and interesting textures like bamboo and mirrored glass that work well in town or country, Berber floor cushions and sculptural natural wood lighting in organic shapes. No shell bowls or lighthouse lamp bases. Not a seagull in sight but that calm, peaceful comfortable style that could let you unwind and allow your thoughts to wander. That holiday feel in your quiet moments at home. A year round staycation!