Where it all began

So here’s where it all began for me, my very first project, the playhouse….

Christmas, aged 3, I was given my little home along with a plastic tea-set for entertaining. There was no furniture to speak of, but a collection of rugs and blankets and cushions and little curtains at the windows. I can still remember the lovely safe, cosy feeling, snuggled up inside in my own space and the hours I spent arranging tea parties for friends, be they real, doll, cat or completely imaginary.

That feeling has never left me and I think that's its a great example of Hygge. Creating a space that's comfortable, personal and allows you to enjoy being alone or entertaining is woven into the essence of the designs we create here and the items we chose to stock for you. We embrace texture, form, colour and pattern in fabrics and home-wares designed by both up and coming, and established British and Scandinavian designers carefully curated to give lasting pleasure.

Happy browsing!

Kirsten x