Holidays are here!

So it’s summer and if we are lucky, we get to go on our holibobs to the seaside! For me it’s invariably something of a busman’s holiday as I obsess over every interior we visit, be it friend’s villa, hotel, restaurant, beach bar.... 

I really love exploring and admiring different environments and come home having purchased all sorts of trinkets, (well, as many as I can carry or afford to send back). The thing is, that shell lamp or bleached wood salad bowl that looked so amazing on the table in France with the ocean sparkling in the background just doesn’t look the same in our Yorkshire farmhouse. So, what to do?

Interior design is about making good choices. These days there is so much choice, particularly when you travel and see new things too but even at home on the high street or Pinterest. We are bombarded by possibilities- so many lovely things. It’s easy to become distracted, confused and end up with a poor overall result. The key to making good choices is to make a plan- and stick to it! Before you start a project plan your design concept or theme and before every purchase ask yourself whether the item in question really fits with your theme. If it doesn’t then don’t include it.

Obviously even the professionals fall foul of this advice sometimes. We all need a bigger downstairs loo for those mistake pieces!