Moving with the times




Moving with the times


“You never know what’s around the corner” as the saying goes and right now

we are all experiencing the reality of this. Its also never been clearer that the ability to adapt and change to deal with the unexpected is really important to our well being and success in life.

I decided before Christmas that the retail element of our business was taking up too much time and resource when what I really wanted to be doing was concentrating on my design work. Visiting clients and sites and producing large scale visuals , focussing on original concepts and sourcing unusual and innovative components requires flexibility and space so the decision was taken to set up a studio at home. I was in the middle of moving when the lockdown came….

My now husband and I had returned from our elopement to Jamaica unaware of the brewing storm of Cornona Virus, to find several children already waiting on the doorstep of the house we had not quite yet moved into. Down to earth with a bump!

So we were thinking on our feet from that point on. Luckily they are big grown up kids and happy to muck in. We’ve all had to adjust to live together and to get the house into a liveable state whilst trying to juggle our day jobs. My studio is full of boxes and also full of my 6ft5 son and his office set up. Suppliers are half open but everything takes much longer to organise and arrive. Some suppliers are shut.

Sites have been shut so getting into the space we are designing has often not been possible. Video conferencing has gone some way to help but online consultations just leave me wondering if Ive read the space correctly.

I am busy though. Spending so much time at home is prompting people to think about how they would like to adapt their space to suit their new lifestyle. Others just have time to think about refreshing rooms. Some people have time to think, time to browse under the lockdown regime whilst others need to reorganise to save time and reduce clutter with kids at home. And all this on a budget.

Good interior design is about listening to your clients need and creating a space which adapts and responds both to their wants and their needs. If spending more time at home has got you in the mood to make some changes then welcome to our new home.We are open for business! 


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