Welcome to 2019


It often feels in the UK as if we are in denial about Winter. Pretend its not happening, wish it away….

When looking for inspiration for our post-Christmas window for the showroom almost every wintery image we looked at was a Christmas theme as if in the world of design and retail we skip straight from Santa to Spring when in fact Christmas comes quite early in the British winter. We have a good couple of months of dark nights and colder weather ahead.

So what is there to embrace at this time of year? Being outdoors on a crystal clear frosty or snowy day. The bright light and fresh air can be a real buzz. The Scandinavians are very fond of saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing; wrapping up warm is definitely part of enjoying being outdoors in winter.

Being indoors on a chilly grey afternoon or evening is something I also look forward to. Cosy and comfortable. So making sure your home is ready for this lovely winter pastime of snuggling up indoors is very much in our minds.

Textiles play a part in this- plump, soft cushions, blankets and throws, rugs underfoot. Lighting is also fundamental. Soft, warm light creates a relaxing, cosy ambience. Lamps and dimmable pendants are great but candles add to the experience, especially if they are scented. The intoxicating aroma of incense or orange blossom and lavender enhance the welcoming feel in your home.

With this in mind we decorated the window with snowy tree silhouettes and a forest floor of bamboo lanterns. We hung the fabulous Flower petal pendants in anthracite, red and saffron and the whole is a combination of indoors and outdoors in winter- a season smorgasbord!

In store we have a great offering of all the Hygge winter essentials for your home from teapots and tablecloths to candles and cushions so come and see us soon.


Kirsten x