Curtain Measuring Guide

Ideally you should put up your curtain pole or track prior to taking measurements to ensure there will be no difficulties in attaching it where you think you want it.

Measuring your Track/Pole Width

Measure the width of your pole or track, not including any finials. We would advise that the pole or track is at least 20cm wider that the window if possible so that the curtains can be drawn back to allow more light in.

Measuring your Curtain Drop Length

Measure the drop that you require the finished curtain to be - you don’t need to make any allowances for hems or patterns - we do that bit, just the length to (A) the floor, (B) to below the sill,15-20cm recommended or (C) to the sill.


The top of the tape measure should be level with the bottom of the curtain hook ring for pencil and pinch pleat curtains to be hung on a pole using rings:


The top of the tape measure should be level with the top of the curtain pole or track for any other headings or pencil and pleat headings that are to be hung on a track:


It is advisable to measure length towards both ends of the pole or tack to ensure it is level and the length remains the same!

If you would like advice on any of the measuring, please email Kirsten at or ring us on 01439 770443.